Hi, I'm Wendy!

I'm an outdoor loving architect with an absolute passion for finding elements of beauty in every aspect of life. I am a proud mother of three enjoying the next stage with grand-babies.

Life has been busy and full of surprises but now it has led me on a new adventure. I craved a relaxing escape, a place of solitude and pure natural beauty. A place where I can be creative, be outdoors , plant a garden and I can enjoy every single moment with family and friends.


I felt like I had come home when I found the property. The site with its gentle slope to the waters of Corner Inlet , viewed across dairy pastures in the ever changing light to the Northern arm of Wilsons Promontory, felt very much at ease with itself.


The refurbishment of  the Yanakie House and Cabins has allowed me to express my lifelong interest in art, collecting and making. I immediately loved the connection I developed with the space. My creative and practical skills were combined to create an artistic and relaxing paradise in one of the most beautiful locations in the world. I have ensured access for all levels of mobility and now I want to be able to share this with all of you!

The Yanakie House is a perfect base for my walks into the prom, we are ten minutes from the gate of Wilson’s  Promontory National Park. My first ever hike was through stunning Wilsons Promontory many years ago and I have wonderful childhood memories of Christmas in my uncle’s VW combi on Waratah  Bay.

Yanakie, a Koori name from the Gunai language, is interpreted as “ between the waters’ draws strong parallels to it's incredible heritage. To our south west is beautiful Waratah Bay and Sandy Point with their fabulous swimming beaches. To the East , Foster ,Port Franklin and Toora open onto Corner Inlet. The region has  is a strong aboriginal heritage, nearby is Toora, ( which translates from the Koori Gunai as “women who look after the fire and keep the fire alight’.

From me to you, I would love you to enjoy this space. Come and get creative, reflect, relax. There are so many stunning hikes, places to visit, fish to catch, you can paint or do yoga in our studio, set up a marquee for a special day or just relax with an indescribable view.


Make it special, in your own way.